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Remember the excitement and anticipation you had when you heard a new album was being released by your favorite artist? You'd head to the local record store and couldn't wait to see what the album cover looked like.

You pick up the new release and then spend an hour or two flipping through all the bins to check out the other records you wanted to collect. Of course, the best part was seeing if there was anything really unique inside. Lyrics, pictures and notes about who played on each song. Sometimes you'd get a booklet, poster or something really unique like the cut out in “Sgt Pepper” or the huge rolling paper in Cheech and Chong's “Big Bambu”.

The real excitement came when an album became notorious for some reason. The Stone's “Some Girl's” with the pictures of all the famous actresses. Then came the lawsuit and the pictures were wiped out. And long before that the Stones released the “Sticky Fingers” LP with an actual zipper! The occasional colored vinyl that came out in limited quantities was pretty unique too; ELO in blue, Graham Parker in pink, and The Beatles “Red” and “Blue” albums.

The images remain strong. The Prism from “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Abbey Road”, and the baby in the pool from Nirvana's “Nevermind” LP just to name a few.

The record store became the hangout on weekends, where you'd meet your friends, listen to music, check out the latest posters and more. The vinyl you collected holds great memories and now the Record Showcase gives you the opportunity to display and protect those great covers and records together in lots of unique groupings.

The Record Showcase® . . . memories are made of these.

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